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Willen Hospice spins new ‘Off the Record’ music store

Willen Hospice is excited to announce the opening of a new dedicated music shop at The Point in Central Milton Keynes.

The shop, Off The Record, delivers an all-round experience for music-lovers at large, with specialist vinyl, DVDs and CDs, instruments and memorabilia all on offer. It will stock the best of pre-loved music, capturing nostalgic sounds through the decades and across all genres of music. The shop will sell band T-shirts, new and used collectables from film and TV, record players, guitars and any instruments that the local community kindly donate to the charity.

All records are in good condition and carefully checked for scratches or damage. Shoppers also have the opportunity to test before they buy instore.

Mark Rawlins, Director of Retail said “We have noticed an upsurge in customers wanting vinyl, and a whole new generation buying record players. It’s a way of revisiting the soundtracks of their childhood and their parents’ music era. Off the Record will give us a chance to reach those music lovers in the heart of Milton Keynes, from an iconic building. Thanks to the generous donations we receive from our local community, we have a constant flow of donated music in excellent condition, giving us an ever-changing range of authentic music to help our customers recapture those memories. It’s important to us to support sustainability by reusing donated items and making them available to others, and it represents a vital way for us to raise funds.”

In July, the Hospice opened a new clothing, accessories and furniture shop in the former bingo hall downstairs at The Point. Now, thanks to the landlords, further premises have been gifted, for the music shop which has its own separate entrance on the ground floor.

Mark continues “We are grateful to have been given the space, particularly as we work towards closing down the Grafton Gate shop in the next few months. The new music shop will double as a collection point for our online EBay shop, giving us another avenue to raise funds.”

Off The Record is located at The Point 602 Midsummer Blvd, Milton Keynes MK9 3NB. Donations are accepted in store.

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