UK Astronomy encourages others to look up..

A Milton Keynes charity that was born to inspire and educate the community and beyond on our night sky are moving into 2021 with a new interactive website thanks to Paul Smith from Visual Interactive. This is your platform to become inspired and educated on what to look for and how to join UK Astronomy in exploring our solar system.

What you will find on your go-to Astronomy website:

  • Guides & Activities

  • Training

  • Events (currently virtual)

  • What they do

  • How to join the community

Who are UK Astronomy? It all started when one man went to his local field, Emberton Sports and Social Club to watch the night sky and see if he could find others to join him. Shortly after a few trips, a staff member from the club approached him and invited him in for a coffee and cake. The question popped “Why don’t you do a presentation here?” and that’s where the story of Ross Hockham and the UK Astronomy begins.

On UK Astronomy’s website, you will come across the phrase ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again’, why? Ross started his journey on a bumpy road, his first ever presentation, it was just him and his coffee. His second presentation... The same. Third and fourth there was a storm so no attendees due to this, Ross did not give up. On his fifth event, he finally had attendees.

“Why not just make a Facebook Group?” Frankie, his wife questioned. Little did he know, 6 years later he would have a community of 19.5k members and registered as an official charity that educates and inspires young people and above our night sky through their presentations and events.

Join their online community:

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