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Thousands of trees to be planted at Middleton Park

The Parks Trust are about to join forces on a joint project with Community Trees: MK, and

Broughton and Milton Keynes Parish Council to enhance an area of Middleton Park in the

eastern part of the city.

Over the next five years and beyond, the project will focus on improving the habitat for

wildlife by creating a woodland meadow. This will be achieved by planting thousands of

native trees and shrubs, the development of wildflower areas, and the creation of paths

across the site for better access.

The planting will start in early March 2021. The original plan was for communities and small

groups from schools across Milton Keynes to take part in the tree planting initiative, but this

was unfortunately unable to go ahead due to Covid-19. Instead, the Direct Works Team from

The Parks Trust has stepped in to plant the 1,200 whips (young trees) that were delivered

earlier in the year.

The plants were sourced by Community Trees:MK from OVO Energy ‘I Dig Trees' and The

Woodland Trust’s nationwide planting initiatives. The Parks Trust will continue to care for the

trees for months, years and decades to come. As they develop and mature, they will add to

the numbers of trees and shrubs in this area, will benefit wildlife and provide enjoyment for

future generations. 

The Parks Trust are still hoping to involve Milton Keynes citizens in future tree planting projects. Later in this year, Community Trees: MK are going to run events for the community,

while The Parks Trust are planning to arrange opportunities for schools to take part in tree

planting. Broughton and Milton Keynes Parish Council are also hoping to announce some

exciting plans, so keep an eye open for updates!

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact either: Community Trees:MK:

The Parks Trust Outdoor Learning Team:

(Press Release by The Parks Trust)

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