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MK Hospital Charity says thank you to the Milton Keynes community

Milton Keynes Hospital Charity are dedicated to enhancing the experience of patients, their families and staff at Milton Keynes University Hospital. We caught up with the team at the Charity..


"Thank you to all of the NHS staff at MK Hospital for all of your hard work during the pandemic"

It is very humbling to read comments such as this and to get a picture of how much the local community wants to help our hospital during the pandemic. To enable members of the public to support us in the safest way possible we set up an Amazon wish-list full of items to help enhance the experience of our staff and patients - so items such as toiletries, puzzle books, healthy snacks, soft drinks and so much more.

In the space of just a month we received more than 50 cages full of donations - that's literally thousands of items kindly donated by the people of Milton Keynes!

"I can tell you as someone who works very long shifts on my feet all day, it is such a comfort to find tea bags and biscuits in the staff area on my break - I can sit and relax for a few minutes in peace without needing to rush off to buy a snack." - Staff nurse at MKUH. So far we have distributed: 67 food boxes40 boxes (with toiletries) 500 items for our staff hub which can be accessed 24/7. That's more than 22,440 individual items you've bought that we've now delivered. Thank you! Your continued support towards the hospital is just amazing and it means the world to us. If anyone wants to purchase an item from the wish-list they can do so at or you can make a donation to a ward or department of your choice by visiting

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