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PSPA Podcast for carers launches with support from Pavers

National charity PSPA has today launched a podcast for carers thanks to support provided

by The Pavers Foundation. The Pavers Foundation awarded a grant of £2,000 to PSPA this May in order to help the charity extend its support for the family members and friends who care for people living with rare brain conditions called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) and Corticobasal Degeneration (CBD).

PSP and CBD are caused by the loss of nerve cells in the brain. Over time this can lead to

people experiencing problems with speech, vision, swallowing, balance and mobility. Although symptoms can be managed, currently there are no treatments or cures. Pavers employee Beth Morgan-Henderson, applied for the funding to support PSP’s podcast

A because she has first-hand experience of PSP. Beth's aunt was diagnosed in early 2018 and sadly passed away from the condition in February this year.

Beth said: “As a family we’ve experienced first-hand how incredibly difficult it is to care for

those living with with PSP due to a real lack of awareness of this debilitating disease.  So,

with the amazing support from the Pavers Foundation we felt the podcast would offer the

most benefit and long-term gain to raising awareness of PSP.” Thanks to the generous grant, PSPA secured support in recording, editing and publishing podcast episodes where different carers share their experiences of PSP & CBD as well as any ideas and tips they have picked up along their journey.

PSPA aim to publish one episode a month, with each episode covering a different topic. The

PSPA Podcast launches with the first episode featuring Beth from Pavers talking about her

aunt. This will be followed with episodes covering caring for a spouse, misdiagnosis and a

young person caring for a parent.

Carol Amirghiasvand, PSPA’s Interim CEO, said: “We are extremely grateful to Beth and

The Pavers Foundation for their generous support of our podcast. “Providing support and information is one of the core purposes of PSPA and the podcast will really help us provide more tailored support for carers. We hope listeners enjoy the different episodes and the podcast helps them to feel more connected with others living similar experiences.

Thanks to the grant from The Pavers Foundation we are able to get our podcast for carers up and running and produce approximately ten episodes.” The PSPA Podcast is available to listen to on the podcast app Anchor as well as on the charity’s website

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