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PSPA welcomes a new CEO - Rebecca Packwood

UK charity PSPA is pleased to be welcoming a new CEO this week.

Rebecca Packwood will be joining the charity, who support people living with rare brain

diseases called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) and Corticobasal Degeneration

(CBD), from 1 November 2021.

Rebecca will be joining PSPA after seven years as Chief Executive at the charity Age

Exchange, where she led the charity through an expansion of its specialist dementia and

carers support work and a merger with a large social care charity.

With a background of leadership in the charity sector including time as the Head of the

CEO's department at the NSPCC as well as periods at Housing Associations and Local

Government. Rebecca is committed to partnership working and coproduction as a way to

transformation in people's lives and believes strongly in the independence of the voluntary sector to maintain its creativity and innovation.

Rowena, PSPA’s Chair of Trustees, adds “The board are delighted to welcome Rebecca to

the team and I am looking forward to working with her over the coming years to increase the

impact PSPA has on the lives of everyone affected by PSP & CBD. The board would also

like to record our gratitude to Carol Amirghiasvand for stepping up to lead the organisation

over the past seven months.”

Rebecca said “I'm delighted to be joining PSPA, there are so many opportunities for PSPA

to have an impact on the lives of people living with PSP & CBD, I'm looking forward to building on the already excellent work the team is doing and to maximise new opportunities

to improve research, diagnosis, support and treatment”.

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