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MK SNAP: How Can You Help?

Imagine not having a space where your child, friend, colleague, family member could go to feel safe and have the ability to develop and grow their skills because they find it that little bit harder than others to deal with day to day life. This is where the story began for MK SNAP and how they became an award winning charity.

From a unit in Kiln Farm since 1992 and started with 9 learners, MK SNAP has grown in order to meet the demand of other learners who also needed support. With the support of Peter Wilson, 2004 was a huge step for MK SNAP where they moved to a purpose-built centre in Walnut Tree and has since become an education provider with over 20 courses their learners can undertake.

MK SNAP since becoming an education provider for adults with learning difficulties has been able to expand and build opportunities for their learners to grow with careers and better their ability to deal with day to day life. We visited last month and were grateful to be shown around their learning centre. We saw their learners get creative and design canvas’ like the below:

We were amazed by just how much opportunity MK SNAP gives to their learners, their cafe which is open to the public (not currently due to Covid restrictions)gives their learners the job to learn about organisation, money counting, customer service, barista, catering skills, and so much more. Their cafe isn’t the only place they can build their career; they work with local businesses to support their needs and take the work off their hands. For example packaging and assembling for companies that may not have time to do it themselves, and so much more.

How can you help?

Support them through social media, spread awareness, tell your friends or someone who may need the services:





Want to fundraise for MK SNAP?

Are you a business who has items that need assembling, packaging or any other work projects that you and your team could do with an extra hand?

You can contact the team today to discuss partnership:

Become a MK SNAP Dragon

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