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MK Charities: What we've done so far

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

MK Charities is an initiative founded during the 2020 pandemic at a time when Milton Keynes and the rest of the world stood still and stayed in isolation. Covid-19 had a huge impact and burden on businesses, charities and the lives of the community.

What do we do?

We are currently a volunteer led CIC who connect the dots and create opportunities for charities with a Milton Keynes postcode, whilst creating Media and Communications to give them an online presence.

Why do we do it?

On March 23rd, the UK went into lockdown and our community needed support more than ever. MK Charities was born with the realisation of just how important online presence is. Most charities saw their fundraising events cancelled and needed to find alternative sources to survive. We created a platform where we can be their online presence and tell the stories that need to be heard to help them raise funds and create opportunities for them to grow.

What have we achieved so far?

To name a few; We have created opportunities for support with online presence, one being Al's Pals. Raised profiles and influenced donations through our MK Charity Hour. We have supported fundraising campaigns for Willen Hospice, Al's Pals, MKH Charity, The Lewis Foundation and more through our platform. We have connected businesses to charities; created a CEO Photoshoot thanks to Jane Russell and helped 5 charities, connected web designers to charities. We have helped an office donate goods to charities around Milton Keynes, we have connected charities with charities and the list goes on.

We would like to thank our partners and supporters for their continued support (click on the names to direct you): Collaborate MK, S.H.E Community hub, It's What's Next IT, Everybody Works In Sales, Jane Russell Photography, Courtney's Designs, Scenes from MK, Penrose Creates, Lauren Youell and MWaite Photography.

Would you like to support MK Charities? You can donate today:

For enquiries, please contact us at

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