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Mind BLMK: How can you help?

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Raising mental health awareness has never mattered more, particularly since lockdown our local mental health services have seen a large increase in demand. Mind BLMK charity offers a wide range of mental health services in the local communities of Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire and Luton.

Mind BLMK are an independent branch of the national charity MIND and are responsible for raising their own funds in the local community. This amazing charity has been supporting our community for over 40 years and need donations and support to continue to offer their valuable services to our local communities.

The charity offers support in many ways, not just counselling. All their services are accessible via their website and include Peer Support which brings together people of similar lived experiences to provide emotional or social support. Mind Matters is a discussion group which offers a safe environment to discuss issues relating to mental health. There is also a Mentoring service that provides one to one support to help people achieve their goals. They offer many more service's which you can find out more information about here:

How can you help?

Would you like to help support Mind BLMK? We have some options for you..

Donations help fund the incredible charity to do what they do and grow to support our community:

Social media is a huge way of spreading awareness, you’ve probably heard us all over socials that word of mouth makes such a big impact, follow their socials, retweet, share, like and have a conversation about the charity, there social platforms are:





Get Crafty for MIND BLMK, you may be the one of the many currently spending a lot more time at home than you ever had done before, you may miss the old normality too. MIND BLMK are inviting you to have a Virtual Crafternoon with your loved ones -

Most 'New year, new me' resolutions start with a healthier mind and body, perhaps burning off all those mince pies? In January, Mind BLMK want to be with you on this new years resolution and are asking you to do 'A mile a day for Mind BLMK', supporting you to keep going whilst raising funds for your local MK mental health charity.

If you would like to find out more on Mind BLMK or would like to fundraise for them, then please do drop us an email to

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