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Meet your local MacIntyre Community Connectors

MacIntyre, a national charity that supports people with learning disabilities and/or autism, has welcomed three new Community Connectors into the team. 

MacIntyre’s new Community Connectors are being entrusted with building links with local people, groups and organisations to support our recruitment activity and to make connections in our local areas.

There are many misconceptions about social care and specialist education so we are eager to convey the reality that working at MacIntyre isn’t just a job, but a rewarding and exciting experience.

We asked Sarah Nicholson, our new Community Connector for MacIntyre’s children’s services including MacIntyre School, our Children’s homes and our ‘No Limits’ further education provision and Pippa Bruckland, our new Community Connector for Milton Keynes a few questions to introduce themselves.

Why did you apply for a role as a MacIntyre Community Connector?

Sarah: I wanted to branch out and refine my skills set in recruitment and network marketing

 Pippa: I applied for this role as I am passionate about MacIntyre and the services we provide. I believe everybody should have the opportunity to live their lives to the full and this role provides the opportunity to promote MacIntyre across Milton Keynes and draw first class individuals to work with us.

Tell us more about your recent experiences?

 Sarah: I already worked at MacIntyre as a Programme Coordinator for the thriving No Limits (Post-16 Community Education) Milton Keynes.

 Pippa: I ran the Supported internships at Milton Keynes College for six years, building relationships between businesses and the College to provide job opportunities to SEN students. I worked alongside MacIntyre employees at the College and was impressed with MacIntyre’s ethos and training. As a result they were the first company I applied to on leaving and I joined MacIntyre in February 2021.

What are you looking forward to about your new role?

 Sarah: Working closely with a wider range of MacIntyre services within Children and Young People and No Limits.

 Pippa: I’m looking forward to implementing some new ideas, raising MacIntyre’s profile and working alongside the various teams to make this happen.

What interesting facts would you like your local community to know about you?

 Sarah: I love the great outdoors and last summer I climbed the 3 Peaks!

 Pippa: I spend most of my spare time with my husband and two children doing various sporting activities. We have two border terriers too who need lots of walks.  I’m also a Commercial Manager of a local rugby team and spend time raising the profile and income of the club. My unusual fact is that I starred in adverts as a child including the ‘red balloon’ advert for Milton Keynes.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

 Sarah: 2022 will be the year for transforming how our local and national communities

view jobs in education and support work - and I am very excited about this!

 Pippa: I’m also a buddy to families who have adopted children who need extra support. 

Employing Community Connectors is just one way that MacIntyre is supporting organisational growth in a tough recruitment market. We are always looking for people with the right attitude to join our team so for us it’s crucial we understand and work with our local communities. To protect the privacy of the people who draw upon our support we are perceived by many as an invisible organisation.

Privacy is critical but MacIntyre has strong beliefs, high standards and a voice to be heard so our Community Connectors can’t wait to share relevant opportunities, news and stories with our local communities.

MacIntyre provides free, sector-leading training and countless career progression opportunities, so experience in social care isn't essential to join our team.

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