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MacIntyre: How can you help?

Updated: Nov 8, 2020


Who are they?

MacIntyre are a charity that has been growing since 1966, helping young children and adults with learning disabilities and or/Autism. As you can imagine, Covid-19 has affected MacIntyre and the people they support, people have had to change their routines, which people with learning difficulties will really struggle with - I have loved watching their Lockdown Diaries so far:

I caught up with the lovely, Lorraine Devereux, Corporate and Events Fundraiser who advised me more on what MacIntyre has to offer for everyone.

Children/ Young people

MacIntyre make a huge impact to children/young people ages 10 to 19 with learning disabilities, they are a charity who also offer higher education, and facilities to support their needs:

  • They have a school based locally in Buckinghamshire called The MacIintyre School providing support, educational progress and helping build independence.

  • Hillside Children's Home - This supports around 5 children, ages 14-19 that require support in a smaller group. The home allows an extended learning skill bringing them independence ready for their next move.

  • No Limits (19-25) is an exclusive model of education for young people, programmes include: cooking, writing, music, acting and many more opportunities that helps going into adulthood that little more comfortable.

For more information on MacIntyre's support for Children/ Young people:


MacIntyre supports Adults who have learning disabilities/Autism - their staff help with supported living, lifelong learning and so much more to help them with their routines and adaptions.

  • They offer a lifelong learning programme which from reading the reviews and their story has massively helped people progress with day to day life, gaining qualifications - they have 6 learning centres/facilities that support them.

  • Employment - if you haven't been to a MacIntyre coffee shop, you're missing out. Their coffee shops are just one way they help their adults with every day living (Great Holm and Stony Stratford), they also offer a catering business. MacIntyre have a vision: 'all people with learning disabilities to live a life that makes sense to them'.

  • Shared Lives - This is something I was unaware of, an alternative to care homes and home care, Shared Lives enables people with supported needs to live a life with relationships and an 'ordinary' lifestyle. A MacIntyre manager will recruit, train etc how to provide support for that person who needs extra support and will be there the whole way through.

For more information on how MacIntyre support Adults:

How can you help?

Raise Awareness

I cannot express enough how much just sharing posts even makes a huge difference to reach that one person who could make a huge difference.

Follow their socials and share posts:






Like most charities across Milton Keynes and beyond, technology is seriously relied on when it comes to connecting with the outside world. Covid-19 has taken a massive toll on the people that MacIntyre supports, they are wanting to give people they support a chance to see their friends and family virtually. They have received donations already and have seen the smile on their faces and would love to support all of them.

If you have a smartphone or IPad that can be used for video calling, please consider donating to MacIntyre.

Alternatively, you can support MacIntyre by donating towards getting items for children and adults -

Would you like to know more about MacIntyre? Contact us:

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