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Local family urges people to support Willen Hospice’s Christmas Care appeal

A Milton Keynes family is urging the public to support Willen Hospice as the charity launches its “Care at Christmas Appeal”. Sadie Staten is hoping to boost much-needed donations for the charity by sharing her story of how the Hospice gave her mum her one last family Christmas at home.

Sadie, who says she will be “eternally thankful” for the care her family received from Willen Hospice, is supporting the charity to help raise awareness of the important work they do and how reliant on public support they are.

Sadie said, “The Hospice played such an important role in our lives. They enabled mum to spend her final months in the place she wanted to be, as happy and pain-free as possible. They helped us in our darkest moments and did so with such humbleness and dignity. They gave mum her one last family Christmas, which we’ll be eternally thankful for.”

Amy Malburn, Lead Nurse for Willen at Home, the charity’s specialist care in the community team adds: “At Willen Hospice we care for people when they are at their most vulnerable. When time is limited, it’s essential that we focus on quality of life, helping people to spend precious time with the people they love. This is particularly important at Christmas.”

In her appeal video for the Hospice, Sadie recalls the care Willen Hospice provided for her mum: “On Christmas Day last year, mum was deteriorating quickly. We were all really worried, not knowing what would happen. We called the Hospice and they answered right away. Within 45 minutes, two of the nurses were at our doorstep. They were so lovely and cheerful; they didn’t seem to mind at all that it was Christmas Day – they were just happy to help. They stayed for a while, changed mum’s medication and got her comfortable. It was a huge relief. With the Hospice’s support, mum could spend her last Christmas just as she’d wanted – with the grandchildren around her, and of course, the Queen’s speech on the television. It was such a special day and one that we’ll cherish forever.”

Each year, hundreds of local people living through tremendously hard times depend on Willen Hospice for support. Their care is free of charge but to run all of their specialist services, both at the Hospice and in the community, it costs a staggering £11.23 a minute. Only 22% of the Charity’s costs are met by NHS funding meaning they need to raise 78% of their income. The Hospice, like many, are feeling the impact of the cost-of-living crisis and running their care services in December alone will cost £500,000.

Amy adds: “Our Willen at Home service relies entirely on the generosity of our local community. Each time we get a referral, we want to say ‘yes’ but to do so we need your help.”

To read Sadie’s story and to support Willen Hospice over the festive period, please visit

Willen Hospice would like to thank Sadie and her family for sharing their story.

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