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Calling all budding young artists, help us stop littering!

The Parks Trust, the charity that looks after over 6,000 acres of parkland in Milton Keynes

are calling on local 5 to 11-year olds to help them tackle the rising issue of litter with their

new poster competition.

Over the last year, The Parks Trust has seen a huge increase in littering across their

parkland, and whilst it’s great to see so many people exploring the city and the wonderful

green spaces, littering is a very real and concerning problem. Littering pollutes our local environment, harms our wildlife and damages our planet. While many people bagged up their litter, huge numbers left these bags by full bins. This is still regarded as littering as it often results in rubbish ending up all over the parks as local wildlife will tear into the bags.

This March, The Parks Trust and Milton Keynes Environment and Waste team are teaming

up to launch a brand-new litter poster competition. They’re challenging Milton Keynes’

Primary Schools and Community Groups to get involved by asking 5 to 11-year olds to

design a poster to prevent littering across the city.

The winning poster will be displayed on noticeboards in the parks and local Parish Councils

throughout Milton Keynes. The winner will receive a certificate and a choice of either a free

Outdoor Learning Session with The Parks Trust or a set of 10 litter pickers for their class or

community group.

They are looking for a poster design that encourages the people of Milton Keynes to look

after their environment and not litter and must include one of these key messages; ‘Take

your litter home to recycle’, ‘If the bin is full, take your litter home’, or ‘Leave nothing but


The Parks Trust have created templates on their website that you can use if it helps along

with some 'Top Tips' and hints about what the judges will be looking for. To find out more

and to enter please visit:

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