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Hazard Alley: How can you help?

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

I want to bring back a great memory of mine..


Hazard Alley, which is most probably your childhood place is part of a charity called The Safety Centre. It's the safety village that sticks in your memory once you've been, the first interactive indoor Safety Centre, Award winning (innovation award at the MK Business Achievement Awards and Silver Award for Project of the Year at the SME MK & Bucks Awards) and personally, one of the only trips in school, that really stuck with me 15 years later.

Who are they?

If you haven't heard of Hazard Alley Safety Centre, they are an Interactive Indoor Safety Centre with great interaction for children originally founded by Bucks Fire & Rescue Service and Thames Valley Police. Hazard Alley have created a village with incredible learning scenarios that really shows children everyday life, the risks they may come across, and how to react - I can honesty say this has stuck with me forever.

How can you help?

Like many other charities Covid-19 has made an impact on Hazard Alley, as they have had to put a hold on their tours. Firstly, I would like to say a HUGE well done and thank you to the volunteers and Jo Green for keeping Hazard Alley just as amazing as I remembered. There are many ways you can help support a living memory, and here's a few ways how:


Remember the staff that helped you stay safe in the village? Helped you have a giggle with you friends? You can volunteer to be that staff member you loved. Help do tours (with full training), and be that part of someone's childhood.

Hazard Alley are also looking for volunteer Videographers, Livestream expertise and/or filming to help them adapt to what may be the new way of touring!

Share and Watch

Did you know they had a VR Model!? You might be thinking whilst ready this.. 'I would love to go back there' or 'I would love to show my children/family/friends my memories!' - YOU CAN!

The team have done a brilliant job of adapting and you can now complete a virtual tour as well as it being educational with videos and tasks you may complete if you wish -

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A personal touch..

This is something a little different, but with Hazard Alley a huge part of mine (I can't explain the smile on my face as I write) and so many others childhood I asked a few members of the public over 21+ if they remember Hazard Alley Centre, and what was a memory that stuck with them..

"Do you know what, the one thing I always remember from there is to never leave the saucepan hanging off the cooker, always put it sideways so it can't be knocked - I think about them every time I do it!"

"Omg I thought about it the other day actually! I’d love to go back! Loved my school visit, really was a fun and educational place for children to learn and understand the dangers and hazards of the road in a fun and memorable way - fun interactions which I will certainly send my child too when she is old enough!"

"Was the best trip! Had to save Grandad from dying in his burning house is always the first thing I think of. I always felt Excited, I had the joy of going twice and the second time was as much fun as the first time. I distinctively remember the house being on fire and I got to call 999 and ask for the fire brigade. It wasn’t actually 999 clearly but I didn’t find that out until a while later. Instead it was one of the parents who had joined helped out. Didn’t dampen the memory though"

"I absolutely loved the bit when you saw a boy fall in the lake and you have to run to a phone box and call the emergency services and you speak to them and tell them where you are, what the street name is and what happened. Also learn how to put someone in the recovery position, I never got taught that at school or even at work and surprising that I've had to use it a few times and know exactly where to put your head and arms etc and it’s due to remembering it from there!"

"Of course I remember! As a kid I thought that it was the best possible way you could get a kid to learn about all the safety measures, crossing roads fires etc I’d happily take my kids there to learn about it as you don’t always see the dangers every day,so to have it all in one place is great"

"When I was in primary I went to Hazard Ally and had the best time! We learnt SO much about road safety, fires and drowning. Probably my favourite memory from there would be when me and my friend had to run off to the phone box to ring the police and alert them there was a fire! I was so scared, I dialled the number, froze and passed it over to my friend. It wasn't till we got to the group we realised we were on camera and had a good laugh at my reaction. Good learning curve and really helps to know what to do in a moment of panic!"

"YESSS! I remember it really did impact me and teach me a lot, I remember going home & telling my mum all about the little hedgehog crossing the road. I remember the train station bit of the guy over the bridge being silly,I remember the pots on the stove and making sure to turn the handle away from the edge otherwise kids could grab it and pour boiling water over themselves or I could knock it and do the same, that stuck with me the most and I told my mum all the time to do it."

Do you have a memory you would like to share? Tag Hazard Alley on Social Media!

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