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Harry’s Rainbow: How can you help?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

For those of you who aren’t aware of Harry’s Rainbow, this charity is a legacy brought out by the death of a wonderful little boy. It’s clear to us that Harry was like any other junior; a great imagination, loved his family and the biggest of personalities at just 5 and a half years old.


March 2009, life changed for Harry (left) and his family. A trip to the doctors, and they were informed of Harry having a virus. 24 hours later, Harry was admitted to the hospital with a suspected asthma attack but due to his condition improving overnight, on a nebuliser and oxygen, they were ready to send him home with no need for further tests. Harry didn’t make it home. Hours after being taken off the nebuliser and oxygen, he was back on the treatment, but his health deteriorated. Harry became disorientated, agitated and fell into Odette’s (Mother of Harry) arms turning blue while his eyes rolled back.

Harry was placed into a medically induced coma that evening. The decision was made to promptly take him to a hospital 50 miles from home where he continued to be in a medically induced coma until Harry’s lungs were strong enough. Less than 48 hours later and the family received the news that Harry’s health hadn't improved, after scans and tests it was confirmed Harry had suffered massive brain stem damage and he would not be able to survive. On 31st March 2009, Harry joined the angels.

You can read more of his story here:

Introducing Harry’s Rainbow..

Harry's family found it difficult when he passed away and they struggled to get any sort of bereavement support, especially for Harry’s lovely twin sister Jessica. October 2011, Harry’s legacy, ‘Harry’s rainbow’ was born. Since then, Harry’s family and team have gone above and beyond to give the best bereavement support to children, young people and families. If you would like to find out more on Harry’s Rainbow you can take a read of their case studies:

Like so many Milton Keynes charities, Harry’s Rainbow have been absolutely incredible adapting how they support families due to Covid. Their well known memory boxes that they give to their families were still able to be sent out, they even personally delivered some to ensure they were received, virtual rainbow groups and catch ups with families. Harry’s Rainbow has also joined up with a mental health charity and you can find out who below:

How can you help?

Donations help Harry’s Rainbow continue to give the best service to our local children, young people and family who need bereavement support:

Raise awareness:

We cannot express enough how much of a difference liking, sharing, commenting charities socials can make.




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