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Curly Tails: How can you help?

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Curly Tails are one of the many charities/organisations local to Milton Keynes that does not receive any government funding and can only rely on funds through fundraising. Curly Tails receives funds to help them care and feed rescued pigs by fundraising through taking visits, school trips, tours etc


Who are Curly Tails Pig Sanctuary?

No, they are not a frontline charity, however just like humans, porcine's need our help too. Curly Tails are a Pig Sanctuary that, (thanks to Jane and team) have been rescuing pigs for the past 3 years, there are minor pig sanctuaries out there and if it weren't for Curly Tails these pigs will/would unfortunately be put to sleep.

They are not just a rescue centre.. 'We provide learning, education and wellbeing through direct interaction with the rescued animals and this is founded upon our porcine rescue programme of social, emotional and physical rehab'. Meet the pigs:

Due to Covid- 19, like many others, their 'usual' fundraising has come to a halt, they can't get food donations from supermarkets like they used to due to panic buying and they need our help!

How can you help?

Whilst Curly Tail's have had to put a stop to their 'normal' way of fundraising, they really need us for support more than ever.


Just £1 from every supporter will make all the difference. Are you looking for something to do? Why not start a fundraiser to raise funds for Curly Tails. I have listed some examples below:

  • Exercise challenge

  • 'Task a day' challenge

  • Movie marathon

  • Gaming Marathon

  • 24 Hour zoom call

For more ideas (these can be done virtually) : View

Social Media According to Avacado Social, over 40 percent of the world's population is on social media - raising awareness costs nothing, a like, share, comment or retweet of Curly Tails Social pages will make a huge difference to making our community more aware. Please see their socials below: Twitter: @curlytailspigs Instagram: @curlytailspigs Facebook: @curlytailspigs Visit their website here. If you would like to donate £1 or would like to help in raising money you can use these links below: Paypal: Facebook: Virgin Giving Money: Curly Tails,Charity number: 1171668 For any further information about Curly Tails Pig Sanctuary, please email me at

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