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Charity launches weeks before lockdown 2020.

2020 has been a difficult year for all charities in Milton Keynes and especially for Al’s Pals.

Al’s Pals launched in March 2020, 2 weeks before lockdown.


Al’s Pals was named after Alan Dumbell who was a former patient of Milton Keynes University hospital. Whilst receiving treatment Alan felt very alone and often thought it would be nice to speak to an impartial volunteer, someone who understood what he was going through. It was Alan’s legacy to provide a cancer buddy service in Milton Keynes. Al’s Pals shaky start due to the Covid pandemic has not stopped them supporting cancer patients in Milton Keynes and it has not stopped them raising awareness of the charity and the works that they do currently. Throughout 2020 they have provided over 200 gifts to cancer patients in the cancer centre Milton Keynes.

They provided a special afternoon tea treat to over 100 patients receiving Chemotherapy

treatment. They continue to provide refreshments and a restricted service to the hundreds of patients currently going through cancer in Milton Keynes. They have raised over £2500 as a charity during a difficult year and made sure that all of this money was spent on cancer patients in Milton Keynes University Hospital. Listen to the difference we make, watch Patsy’s story:

A message from Al's Pals: Providing help, support and a listening ear to cancer patients and their families because our wonderful volunteers understand what you are going through, and we are here to help you as much as we can.

T: 07745 601047 E: W:

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