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Calling all Astronomy fans!

You are invited to join UK Astronomy this April for the UK Astronomy Festival! A charity born from Ross Hockman, a man who wanted to share his love for Astronomy, someone who started off with a few attendees to his presentations and now has a Facebook community of over 19.5k and registered as an official charity that educates and inspires young people and above our night sky through their presentations and events.

"The UK Astronomy festival is a month long festival of free talks and events aimed at beginners and to inspire others to go out and look up! As it's the Easter holidays and kinda the last month for dark nights in the astronomy season we thought it's a great time to celebrate this awesome hobby, so we have lots of talks for you to enjoy, plus facebook live streams looking through a telescope with one of the experts from our charity (weather permitting). So grab a hot drink, kick back and we'll help you learn all about the amazing sights in our UK skies... Because there are a billion worlds in your back garden!"

The month will consist of pre-recorded webinars, LIVE's with some incredible guests, fun online activities and so much more.

To see the full schedule for the festival, click on the link:

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