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We're building a platform that connects the Milton Keynes community to its charities and organisations.

Our Story

MK Charities is an initiative founded during the 2020 pandemic at a time when Milton Keynes and the rest of the world stood still and stayed in isolation. Covid-19 had a huge impact and burden on businesses, charities and the lives of the community.


With all outdoor fundraising and charity events having to be cancelled,

the community of Milton Keynes and its 1,400 charities and community groups within the area needed help and support more than ever with this unprecedented demand. The hashtag for #inthistogether was trending nationwide on social media and the need to come together was even more important.


As we are all aware charities don’t just need donations, they need volunteers, fundraisers and support through social media. MK Charities is the website where you will find all the information you need to know about the community we live in and how you could make a difference by donating either time, money or other activities that can increase much needed funds.

Our website will be regularly updated with charities and opportunities to support.

Charlotte Moyle

CEO/Founder of MK Charities and Social Media Freelancer. Charlotte has always loved Milton Keynes and felt since the start of the pandemic she wanted to thank those who support the community and share their stories.

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Jo McClaren

Co-Founder of MK Charities. Jo has ran a twitter page spreading love and joy for Milton Keynes charities and business for the past three years and enjoys networking within the community to talk all things Milton Keynes.

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Sophie Sylvester

Sophie was born and bred in Milton Keynes and has returned to her hometown after living in London for a few years. Sophie has a passion for creativity and for helping people and is now looking for a career change in the charity sector.